1. Rana and I were going through a forest. All of a sudden a bear came out. Rana at once climbed a tree. He did not think of me. I did not know how to climb up a tree. I was very much frightened. I knew that the bear does not touch a dead man. So I fell flat on the 1. 1. ground like one dead. The bear came and smelt me. I held my breath. It took me for a dead man and left the place.
Rana came down, "What did the bear tell you?" Said Rana shamelessly. I was furious. I curtly replied, "The bear advised me to keep away from a false friend."
Title: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2. Once a poor woodcutter lived in a village. One day he was cutting a big piece of wood beside river. Suddenly his iron axe slipped from his hand into the water. He got down from the tree and sat on the bank. The poor man felt very sad and began to cry helplessly. Hearing this, a river goddess appeared there. She wanted to give him a golden axe. Then the woodcutter said, "It is not mine". Then she went into the water and appeared for the second time with a silver axe. She showed it to him and asked to take it. But the poor woodcutter again said, "It is not mine", the river goddess went again into the  water and appeared with an iron axe and showed it to him. The woodcutter was very goddess was very pleased at his  truthfulnes. So she returned him his axe and presented him withthe other two. The poor man got the reward for his truthfulness. i
Moral : Honesty is the best policy.

3. One day a crow stole a piece of meat from a meat shop. Then she flew to a tree and settled on the branch of the tree to eat it. At that time a fox was passing under the tree. When he saw the crow with the piece of meat in her beak, he became greedy. He wanted to eat it desperately. He hit upon a plan and began to praise the crow to the skies. He said to her, "How nice you are! How bright is your colour and how beautiful you look! And how nicely you sing! You are undoubtedly the sweetest songbird that I have ever heard. Please sing a song for me." At this, the foolish crow was very pleased. She lifted her head and began to sing.The meat dropped from her beak and the fox gulped it down.
Moral> Do not believe in flattery/Do not trust a flatterer.

4. Once upon a time, on a summer day, a fox came out of his hole. He was very hungry. He was looking for food. But he did not find anything. After a while he was going by a vineyard. He saw a bunch of lovely grapes hanging from the vines. The ripe grapes were all red. The fox was tempted to see the grapes, but they were hanging too high. The fox jumped again and again to get at the grapes, but he failed. He was tired. Atlast he lost his hope and went away saying, "No, those are not ripe yet. Those are sour. I must not eat sour grapes."

   Once there lived a hare and a tortoise. The hare had the habit of mocking the:slow pace of tortoise. The hare would say, "You lazy creature, how slowly you crawl!" The tortoise felt pinched one day and challenged him to a race. The race started and the tortoise set off slowly but steadily. The hare started late and covered the distance that the tortoise had covered with a few jumps and even moved ahead of him. When he could not see the tortoise who was lagging behind, he thought of having a little rest. With this thought he started enjoying a nap. Meanwhile the tortoise reached the spot. He saw the hare sleeping and went on to complete the race. After some time the hare woke up and was surprised to find the tortoise already beyond the victory post. The trotoyse won the race.the hare'spride brought about his downfall.

Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. A little mouse was playing nearby. By chance it ran
into the lion' s nose. The lion woke up angrily. He was about to kill the mouse. ‘‘Please, don't kill me, my lord” , said the mouse. “I must return your kindness” .The lion smiled. He however, let the little creature go.
A little later, the lion caught in a hunter’s net. He roared to free himself. The mouse heard the roar. It rushed to the spot and cut
the net with his sharp teeth. The lion become free.