Report Writing is meant for the newspaper and other media.So different types of incidents and accidents are included in a report.
1.Read the points or outlines again and
   again so that you make yourself
   understand the incident or subject of
   the report.
2.Then write the heading of the report
    in capital letters.
3.Next, write the name or designation of
   the reporter below the heading.
4.Now, write the name of the place and
   the date of reporting at the top left-hand
   corner of the reports.
5.The report should be written in brief
   and in simple language.
6.Use mainly perfect tense as the report
    is written after the incident.
7.Use passive voice for the description of
    the incident must be impersonal in

(1)write a newspaper report (within 120 words)

 Buildin Collapse Kills Eleven

      Kolkata 20th June, 10: A five storeyed building suddenly collapsed on Rajendra Road at Bhowanipur in South Calcutta at midnight yesterday. As a result, eleven persons were killed on the spot, Seventeen persons were injured. There was a huc and cry coming out from the spot. Immediately local people rushed to the spot. All the injured persons were taken to the nearest hospital by the local people, Six persons were released after first aid. Others who received serious injuries, were hospitalised for further treatment. The causes of the sudden collapse of the building is not yet known. But it is suspected that the testing of soil was not done properly. The promoter and the contractor have been arrested. It is reported that an Enquiry Committee had been set up by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to submit the report of the accident within fifteen days. There was a tension at the spot. A police picket was also posted there.

(2) Write a newspaper report in about (100 words.)

A walk for peace against war

     Calcutta, 15th Nov : The Rotary Clubs of Calcutta organised a walk for peace on 15th Nov. 99. The place of walk of peace has started from "Yuba Bharati Krirangan Stadium to Explanade by the clubs. School children, teacher, College and University students including teachers and professors participated the said walk for peace. All of them at on white dresses and carried banner and white flags. They also took white handkerchiefs. There were anti-slogan against war and songs during the period of walking for peace. It was a very large and pleasure gathering. 8. Write a short report on the train accident in Firozabad which collidled on the morning of 20th August, 2009. Following points are given:

(3) Write a newspaper report