1.               MAKING TOMATO JELLY
Tomato jelly is a tasty food, tomato are bought from market. Then the good and fresh tomatoes are sorted out and the bad ones are removed. The good tomatoes are cleaned. They are then smashed well. Thus juice is extracted. The extract is next boiled for thirty minutes. Certain amount of sugar and chillipowder are added to the hot juice. The jelly is thus prepared. It is cooled and bottled for future use. 

The process of manufacturing orange juice passes through the number of stages. At first ripe oranges are collected from market. The rotten ones are removed. The good oranges are washed and they are peeled. Then the oranges are crushed to extract juice.  The juice is now strained to remove the seeds. Sugar is added to the juice to sweeten it. The juice is now filled in sterilised bottles.  They are then sealed and labelled. Finally they are put into boxes  and sent to market.

3.                PREPARATION OF TEA
Tea is a favourite drink all over the world. It removes tiredness and gives fresh energy. It can be prepared in the following way.  Firs of all a cup of water is poured into a kettle and boiled. Now one tea spoon of tea leaves is put in a tea-pot. Then the boiling water is poured into a tea-pot. The tea pot is then covered with a lid and the tea leaves are left to soak for five minutes. Now sugar and milk are added to the liquor. The mixture is then stirred with a spoon. Next the tea is poured into a cup through a strained. It is now ready to served hot.

4.       CONSTRUCTION OF A BUILDING There are some stages in the work of a building construction. At first plan and estimate of the proposed construction are made by an engineer. Next the plan is sanctioned by the Municipality or Corporation. Then the building materials like cement, sand, bricks, rod, chips ete. are collected. Masons and labourers are engaged. After this, foundation is dug and construction work is started. It is continued upto roofing after different stages one by one of brick and other works. After completion of the roof doors and windows are fitted. Next, plastering works, water connection, wiring etc. are done. Full building is beautifully painted. Now the building is completed. Electricity and water supply connection is made. At last it is fit for living in after making a welcome celebration.

A simple procedure needs to be followed to wash dirty clothes at home. At first, required quantity of water is taken in a bucket. Then washing powder is added to the water according to the number of clothes. Next, the water and washing powder is stirred to make a thick foam. Now, the dirty clothes are dipped in the mixture and left for thirty minutes. Thereafter, the clothes are taken out of the mixture and scrubbed gently. After that, these clothes are rinsed properly in clean water. Then they are dried. Finally, the dry clothes are ironed for use.