A.Que:-write a letter to your friend inviting him to to join a marriage ceremony.
                                                 Vill +Po surjapur
                                                     15 March,2019
Dear Rahim,
The marriage ceremony of my elder brother come off on the 4th April, 2019.Father has asked me to invite you on this occasion.We shall be very glad if you give us the pleasure of your company.
I hope you will not disappoint us.
                                                Your sincerely,

B. A letter to your friend, about your aim in life.
                                                   Kolkata -700017
                                          15th December, 2018
My dear Arshad,
  I am glad to know that you want to be a teacher.
I also want to take up a profession which calls for direct service to the people. I want to be a doctor. If I can be a doctor, I shall not hesitate to go to the village. There, the poor people badly need a doctor. In that case I may not earn much money, but surely I will carn the love and respect of the people, How do you like my idea?
Expecting to hear from you soon,
                                             Your affectionately,

C.Que:- A letter to your younger brother congratulating him for his standing first in his class.
                                                Calcutta-700 072
                                                5th January 2019
My dear Aslam,
  I am exceedingly glad to know that you stood, first in your class this year. I congratulate you on your,success. Truly speaking, you have got the well deserved reward. I was almost certain about your high position in your class. All of us are very happy to hear the news of your brilliant success. May God give your such a success in future as well. I hope you will try your best to stand first in your class next year too. May God grant you long life and prosperity.
                              Yours affectionate brother,
                                                 Abdus Samad.
 D.Que:-Write a letter to your friend who
  reads late at night advising him to give up
   this habit.
                                                  5,Eliot Road,
 Mydear friend,
       I have been informed that of late you have formed the habit of reading late -hours of night., In one way this is good, because you get a calm and quiet atmosphere for studies at night. But certainly late hours of night is not meant for reading . That is the time to go to bed and enjoy sound sleep.  Sound sleep is equally necessary for maintaining good health. And you know very well " health is wealth ". If you don't  possess good health you can rarely do anything good in life.,Hena, my sincere advice to you is to give up this habit of late reading immediately and avoid any further damage to your health.
                                                      Dearly yours,
 Ad                                                 S. Khanna
       Karaya Rd.

E. Que:-Write a letter to your younger brother about the need of discipline in student life.
                                                   5 Amir Ali Ave
                                                   13. 7. 2009
Dear Chatterjee,
             I hope you are fine.
             You must be sure that student life is the period when people are expected to learn and practise discipline most. But ironically discipline is ruthlessly neglected during the span of this period.

              Undoubtedly students are going to be the teachers of future. They will teach to maintain discipline in life. They shall  furthe establish that without discipline man cannot accomplish any great feat. This clearly proves that discipline is most necessary even in student life.
          So, you have to be serious and follow discipline from your student life itself.

                                                Yours lovingly,
    89.S Sarani