The life of the Indian peasant is the life of constant labour. He has to work hard from dawn to dusk, He does not care for the inclemencies of weather. He may be seen working in his fields in the burning sun and the biting cold. Sometime he has to work at night, too. And it is a great pity that in spite of his hard labour he cannot get even two square meals a day. He cannot enjoy the pleasures of life. He is always in debt. He uses the old method of cultivation. His only source of income is agriculture. So the failure of crops ruins him. He is so steeped in property, ignorance and superstitions that he cannot improve his lot.


    I have many friends who are very dear to me. It is very difficult to choose the best out of them. Most of my time is spent in the company of John whom I call Johny. John has always been very close to me. He helps me in my studies and also plays hockey with me."
      He is one of the best centre-forwards in the hockey team of our school. His only ambition is to bring India on the Olympic map once again in this game. He is an ace sprinter and when he chases the ball, no one can recover the same from him. He was the captain of the state junior team that participated in the National Games.
      It is surprising to think how he stands first in all the subjects in the class. Most of the players occupy backseats in our class and relax while the teacher explains somthing on the board, but Johny remains in enthusiastic learner in class too.
      Last year, he took part in a Hindi play and enacted the role of a milkman so well that the audience were spell-bound with his performance. He had observed his milkman very closely and had noted all his actions before mimicking him on the stage.
      It is hard to believe that he is the best debater as well. How can a single person combine all these qualities? He has learnt this art from his father. His father taught him to put his heart and soul in everything he does. We cannot achieve much because our minds are divided most of the time. When we study, we should study and forget everything about the games. When we play, our mind should not see anything but concentrate on the game. This is the secret of the success of my friend. I wish that I could also follow in his footsteps!

         (3)YOUR AIM IN LIFE.

     My ambition is to become a good doctor. It is not because a doctor can earn a lot of money but because he can be a real service to the people Undoubtedly everyone doing a honest job serves his people. But the service of doctor can give by saving a dying person is the greatest. Doctors are still too few for the vast population of our country and proper medical help hardly reaches the poor. I want to be a doctor to serve my country in my own humble way. My ambition is to be a village based dcctor, and serve the rural population. I know I cannot have medical education for the mere asking. But I am getting ready to prove myself fit for medical education.


      i clearly remember the day when I first visited my school at the age of five. My brother used to go to school. I would see him smartly dressed in school uniform with a bag and a tiffin box. It was on Ist. July 2006, I first  visited my school with my elder brother. I was amazed to see a big and beautiful building. I saw a lot of children of my age. First, I stood in thei asscmbly with my classmates. After that I went to my classroom in a queue. It was a big room We were about fifty students. The teacher came. We all stood up. She was a nice lady. She talked to us sweetly. She asked us our names. She taught us English. I enjoyed my first period. A few classes followed that day. I sat with a boy in the same bench. He was Jack. He is still with me in class VIII. Since then we are good friends. The bell rang. The classes were over. My brother came and he took me round the school. I saw other classes, garden, playground etc. The school attracted me much. It was quite different from home. I came back home with my brother. I was very happy. I eagerly waited for the next day.


         No body can deny 'health is wealth'. 
People try many things to keep themselves healthy. Exercise is perhaps the best way of keeping one fit and healthy. Exercise has different forms and types like walking, runnning, free-hand, sit-ups, streching muscles etc. Moming is the best part of the day for taking physical exercises. This time is calm and quiet. Air is fresh Physical exercise kecps our body fit. It does not allow our body to become fatter or thinner. Exercise keeps blood circulation smooth. Sweating while {doing exercise purifies blood. Lungs work wonderfully. The digestive systems works smoothly. Body nuscles become strong and powerful. Thus diseases do not come closer. Besides physical development, our mental power also grows. Exercise keeps mind fresh and sound. One who does not do physical
exercise has an unfit body. He is never free and active. He is always dull and lethargic. Ultimately he develops various diseases. But only physical exarcise i not enough for keeping fit but a good balanced-diet is also required . So make a habit of taking physical exercise regularly.


     Discipline means obeying rules and
doing thing in an organised manner. Its value is indeed great in building our
character. We can realise its value if we look at nature-where everything moves in a planned and disciplined manner. But man often strays from discipline and pays for it. But we must remember that none can prosper without discipline. Lack of discipline brings disorder and chaos, it is Particularly important for the students. They must learn to obey rules and work according to plan. Otherwise they will fritter away their powers and come to grief. They must remember that a man without, discipline is a ship without a rudder.

         (7)THE RAINY SEASON

       The rainy season is beautiful as well as soothing. Nature wears a green garments during this season. The earth is covered with soft green grass. The trees and plants put fourth new leaves. The sky is often overcast witti black clouds. The patches of clouds floating across the sky fill our hearts with ioy. The scorching heat of the summer is no more. The days becomes cool. There are occaional drizzles. The cool breeze refreshes our tired minds. The lightning flashing across the sky at night looks beautiful. When a rainbow appears in the sky, We are delighted. The croaking frogs and the chirping birds seem to admire the charms of the rainy season. Only a dull person can dislike this charming season.


        Television is the most wonderful
achievements of science. It was invented by the Legie Baird, a Scottist scientist in 1928. It is like a radio. In a radio we hear news and songs according to the fixed programme. But in a television both sights and sound come together. We see in the television the programmes in the picture like cinema screen. We hear the voice of the speaker together with his picture. The television is very useful to us. Different types of cultural programme can be seen in the television. We see cricket and football match in the television sitting at our house. We also see films on the television. So television is a wonderful invention of the modern science.