1.Change of Adverbs and other parts of speech
Ind-that day
Ind-the next day, the following day
Ind- the previous day, the last day, the day before
Ind- then
Dir- thus
Sentence                RV                  Conjunction
1.Assertive           tell/say .                  that
2.Interrogative   ask/inquire  if/whether/wh  3.Imperative       order,request,
                              forbid,inform,                                                      etc.
4.Exclamatory   exclaim,exclaim         that                                      with joy,/sorrow/                                                 regret/contempt/                                                   applause etc.
5.Optative            wish,pray,curse,etc  that/no
3.      Change of Tense.   
Present/Future          Past
is/am                           was
are                               were
has/have                     had
can/may                      could/might
will/shall                     would
do/does                        did
V1(go)                           V2(went)
Past                     Past perfect
was/were           had been
V2(went)            had+V3(gone)
had+noun          had had +noun
could+V1            could have+V3
             1.Change of person
1.Dir:  He said,"I am well."
   Ind:  He told that he was well. 
2.Dir:  She said,"My pen is lost."
   Ind: She told that her pen was lost.
3.Dir: I said to her,"You are a good girl."
   Ind: I told her that she was a good girl.
4.Dir: I said to him,"You are my enemy."
   Ind: I told him that he was my enemy.
5.Dir: John said to him,"I know your father."
   Ind: John told him that he knew his father.
                2.Change of Tense
1.Dir:  He said,"I am sick."
   Ind:  He told that he was sick.
2. Dir:  She said to me,"You were making me
            a fool."
    Ind: She told me that I had been making
            her a fool.
3.Dir:  I said to him,"You gave me a pen."
   Ind: I told him that he had given me a pen.
4.Dir:He said,"I did not go there,"
   Ind:He told that he had not gone there.
5.Dir:I said,"He does not know English."
   Ind:I told that he did not know English.
6.Dir: He said,"I had a pen,"
   Ind:He told that he had had a pen.
7.Dir: He said,"I went to Delhi.I saw the
           historical sites there.I was over joyed
           to see them.I passed a good time
   Ind: He told that he had gone to Delhi.
           He had seen the historical sites
           there.He had been over joyed
           to see them.He had passed a good
                    UNIVERSAL TRUTH
1. Dir: The teacher said,"The earth is
    Ind: The teacher told that the earth is
2. Dir: He said,"Mr. Mukherjee walks a
            mile everyday."
   Ind: He told that Mr. Mukherjee walks
           a mile everyday.
     Change of Adverbs and other Parts of
1.Dir:  He said,"I am busy now."
   Ind:  He told that he was busy then.
2.Dir:  He said,"This is my house."
   Ind:  He told that that was his house.
3.Dir:  She said to me,"I am standing here."
   Ind:  She told me that she was standing
4.Dir:  I said,"I went there yesterday."
   Ind:. I told that I had gone the previous
1.Dir: He said,"Is Jack a good man?"
   Ind: He asked if Jack was a good man.
2.Dir: I said to him,"Were you present in
           yesterday,s meeting?"
   Ind: I asked him if he had been present
            in the last day,s meeting.
3.Dir: She said to me,"Do you know Mr.
           Khan, my uncle?"
   Ind: She asked me if I knew Mr. Khan, her
4. Dir:The man said to me,"Who is the
           owner of this house?"
    Ind: The man asked me who the owner
             of that house was.
5. Dir:He said to me,"Why did you not
           inform me about him?"
    Ind:He inquired me why I had not inform
           him about him.
6. Dir:He said to me,"Will you go to school?"
    Ind:He asked me if I would go to school.
7. Dir:She said to him,"Have you played
    Ind:She asked him if he had played
8. Dir:I said to her,"Do you read this book?"
    Ind:I asked her if she read that book.
9. Dir:Rahim said to me,"Are you playing
    Ind:Rahim asked me if I was playing
10. Dir:He said to her,"Was i reading this
           story now?"
    Ind:He asked her if he had been reading
           that story then.
1. Dir:Mary said to John,"Go away."
    Ind:Mary ordered John to go away.
2. Dir:She said to me,"Walk a mile after
    Ind:She advised me to walk a mile after
3. Dir:The teacher said to the boys,"Keep
           quiet and listen to me."
    Ind:The teacher ordered the boys to keep
            quiet and listen to him.
4. Dir:My mother said to me,"Do not mix
           with bad boys."
    Ind:My mother forbade me to mix with
           bad boys.
          My mother ordered me not to mix
          with bad boys.
5. Dir:My uncle said to me,"Do not answer
           me back like this,"
    Ind:My uncle warned me not answer him
           back like that.
6. Dir:He said to me,"Play cricket."
    Ind:He ordered me to play cricket.
1. Dir:I said to my friend,"Do come
    Ind:I requested my friend to come
           the next day.
2. Dir:He said to me,"Do have a cup of
    Ind:He requested me to have a cup
           of tea.
3. Dir:She said to me,"Do remember to
           call me."
    Ind:She asked/requested me to remember
           to call her.
1. Dir:He said to me,"Will you please tell                   me your name?"
   Ind: He requested me to tell him my
2. Dir:I said to him,"Be quiet, will you?
    Ind:I ordered him to be quiet.
3. Dir:John said to Marry,"Will you bring
           me a pen, please?
   Ind:John requested Marry to bring him
          him a pen.
4. Dir:She said to me,"Sit down, will you?
    Ind:She asked me to sit down.