1.         Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the scarcity of milk supply in your area.
Ans:-   To
            The Editor
            The Telegraph
            Sub :- Scarcity of milk supply.
       I take the opportunity to apprise you that almost every day there is scarcity of supply of milk in our area of Belgachia. In the morning there is a sort of commotion for this at most of the supply centres. On some days, we return home empty handed.
        Under the circumstances, it would be so nice of you if you highlight this fact in your esteemed daily and encourage the authorities concerned to look into this aspect and remove the grievances of  the local dwellers.
                      Thanking you,
                                                  Yours faithfully,

2.          Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper describing the suffering of the people of your locality due to the scarcity of drinking water in your locality.
Ans:-     The Editor
              The Telegraph
Dear sir,
            Sub : Scarcity of drinking water.
       With due respect I beg to bring to your knowledge the few lines for your consideration and necessary action in the matter.
         That, in our Rajabazar area there is insufficient number of taps for drinking water. On top of that supply is not 24 hrs regular. This has resulted in scarcity of drinking water in that locality. When supply starts there is a long queue in front the taps. This is causing unbearable inconveniences to the dwellers,of the locality.
          That, the KMC authorities have been approached and requested for times without number but nothing has happened.The hardship continues unabated. They have not done any repairing work even nor fixed up any tube-well.
           Under the circumstances we would request you to kindly high light this fact in your esteemed daily and thereby compel the
authorised persons, and agency to perform their obligations honestly and alleviate the grievance of the dwellers of the locality.                 Thanking you,
                                         Yours faithfully,
                                          R. N. Das

3. Write a letter to the editor of an English daily about reckless driving causing accldents.
The Editor
The Statesman
Kolkata-700 001
                     Sub:Reckless driving
Please allow me some space in your esteemed dally to express my grievance regarding reckless driving causing accidents. Over the last few years the number of road accidents has been on the rise. The drivers of private buses and cars often engage themselves in overtaking one another, without caring about the safety of the passengers or pedestrians on the roads. The horribly bad condition of the roads adds fuel to fire. At times untrained drivers are given license
randomly and this leads to increase in possibility of accidents. Only imposition of fines  and seizing the vehicles or licenses are not the permanent solutions. The commission system for the drivers and conductors must be done away with as early as possible.
Dated: 08.04.2019
                                                 Yours sincerely,
                                                 Soma Sen
                                                 Club Road
                                                 Kolkata-700 070