A.Que:-Write an application to the Headmaster for free student ship.
Ans:- To
            The Headmaster
             Jan High School
              I beg to state that i am a student of class ix ,Roll 95B of your institution.I have all along maintained a good record of performance in examination.
               I am genuinely a poor student but meritorious. I am always well behaved and good mannered.I have offered the respect for my seniors.
               My father,s monthly income of Rs8000/- hardly meets the household expenses and is forcing me to discontinue my studies.
               Under the circumstances i appeal to you to grant a free studentship.This will ensure the continuation of my normal studies at least at the school level.
              I shall ever remain grateful.
                                                 Yours obediently,

B.Que:-Write an application to the Headmaster for a transfer certificate.
           The Headmaster
            Kisan High school
            Sub:For taking transfer certificate:
                   Respectfully, I beg to bring to your knowledge the fact that my father is in Govt,service which means transferable.Recently he has been transfered to Patna.The entire family will be moving to Patna shortly.
                 I will have to seek admission in some institution there in order to continue my studies.For that i shall require a transfer certificate.
                  Hence,please be kind enough to issue one TC in my favour by the weekend.
                   I shall ever grateful to you.
                                                 Yours faithfully
                                                  Class ix
                                                   Roll No 2
                                                    Sec A

C.Write an application for granting leaves of absence from a guardian to the Headmaster.
The Headmaster
Kisan High School
Sub:For leaving of absence
      With due respect and humble submission,i beg to state that my son Md.Moinuddin , a student of your school in class - viii, could not attend his classes from 15th.March'to 18 March 2019 on account of his illness.In fact, he had been suffering from conjunctivites.Therefore, you are requested to be kind enough to excuse his absence for those days only.
       For this acts of kindness I shall be highly grateful to you.
                                              Yours faithfully